42 hours later

i'm home. the 6.30 am bus got me there in time to take class at noon-Bec and i had a blast dancing again, although I can barely walk. We took a man driven bicycle carriage ride through the park. igor from belarus, or yoga as he said we could call him, took advantage of some naive girls and charged us 60 dollars for the ride- and we simply let him. o bother.

bec has so much to give. she has style comin out her eyeballs, perfectly groomed nails, a heart as full as my tummy was from this trip, love for her family, the ability to share the gospel with so many and room to find time for weasley marilee. i adore you bec. hope you had a good one-thanks!

welcome to the inspiration for my plate collection: Alice's Tea Cup. this dainty place serves you on mismatched china. too bad i couldnt buy a plate there. i'm still on the hunt.

the three musketeers.

this trip was exhausting. you take these buses from chinatown boston to chinatown nyc. i left bec at 3, took the subway just in time to be the last person to board @ 4.05. 'course all that is left is the back row, corner. the seat is literaly 7 inches from my face. there was a friendly illegal pot smoking in the bathroom man, and i walked into my loves arms at 11.30 pm. wont be adventuring there again anytime soon.


city-here i come

tomorrow my day starts at this time
so i can hop on a local bus(only 15 bones you had better believe it)to get here

to visit this lady, my roommate in new york from two years ago, for her bday! I also plan on attending the NY temple (I haven't been to a session there), eating at serendipity, taking suzi taylor's class and missing TERRIBLY my husband!
be back friday nite!


i found my family

i found relatives in the world of blogs today and couldn't resist sharing the phrases my darling cousin madison has said. hope you don't mind me sharing lori.

Today Madison came up to me and said, "We shall go to the beach and you shall hold me and I shall get my swimming pool on!"

I asked Madison what she wanted for breakfast this morning and she replied, "Kitchen Nuggets!"

This morning as we were getting ready for church, Madison came in to my bedroom and said to me, "Oh my gosh, you are a Princess too!"


line upon line

i'm discovering that blogging, like brushing your teeth,

cleaning your house,

and writing in a journal,

(journals recycled from trader joe's paper found here)
and perhaps all of life, is so more enjoyable and effective if done consistently in small amounts so it wont overwhelm you.

stay tuned for kayaking the charles river
one of my upcoming joys : taking Living Prophets(a perfect time with all switcheroo going on) at BYU from this guy

aka the voice of general conference, music and the spoken word, lloyd newell.