when upon life´s billows you are tempest tost...

... if you are discouraged cause your baggage is lost...
... count your many blessings angels will attend...
... help and comfort give you til your journeys end...

so i count my MANY blessings

we have each other and we have clothes on our backs-this is a test to see if we need much more..
we made it safe on all of our flights...
our camera battery has not yet died...
devin got a nice hotel tonight with free internet and phones (we are so spoiled at home) so we found out that our luggage is on its way- huge T.M.
i figured out how to type on these crazy Danish computers....ÆØŤ£E... ha
we slept really really really well on our overnight train
mister denmark, we shall call him (a father and his daughter from denmark were in our group of 6 sleeping cabin mates on our train last night) gave me a lovely black shirt because he knew we were out of luggage. today it kept me warm in the rain
no one smoked weed in our train cart (althought they smoked at every stop, in the halls, and mister denmark even made a joint right before my naive eyes in the sleep car. there is a first for everything right:)
i bought nutella(but it broke as we raced to make it to our train)
we made it by five minutes onto our train.
we have finished our gmat and school work so we are truly on holiday(as they call it here)
lovely parents who take care of us, lovely friends who care.
Lastly, after dreaming about it we are really here!

dont worry bout us

...all is well
...all is well