for the man of this house

devin is in vegas for work. i'm here prolonging, no procrastinating, choreographing. i also procrastinate going to bed like crazy on nights when he is gone. it's as if i believe if i stay up late enough he'll come back, or if i stay up late enough i will fall asleep standing up without realizing he's not near me. lies. and i fall for them everytime.  devin is so many things to me and for me. in no particular order of importance at various times he is a servant, thrifter, therapist, launderer, woo-er, chef, medical adviser, bacon-bringer-homer, vocal teacher, cleaner, design comrade, dreamer, counselor, my safe place, comedian, right hand, early bird (if this night owl doesn't kill him), encourager, fellow disciple, and more. we're not perfect, but he is oh so good to me. and while he is gone, i am aware of that more than ever.

(he is brushing like dad)

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bree lena said...

This is adorable. I love it so much!! You are wonderful.